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Motoring offences

Our solicitors may be able to assist you with any aspect of these offences below and therefore it is essential that you consult us at the earliest possible stage in order to avoid potential disqualification.

We cater for a wide variety of motoring offences which can include

  • Drink-driving & driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
  • Dangerous driving, death by dangerous driving
  • Driving without due care and attention (careless driving)
  • Failing to stop after an accident
  • Failing to provide the identity of a driver (statutory offences)
  • Driving disqualifications, Driving bans and 12 points totting up
  • Road traffic sign violations.
  • Driving without Insurance
  • New Driver Disqualifications

Employment Law

At A1 Solicitors, we act on behalf of claimants in all Employment Tribunal related matters. Without the significance of employment law, workers would be vulnerable to a number of threats so it is highly important to protect their rights. Thus we offer Employment advice to help you deal successfully with employment issues affecting employees.

Our professionals are always available, from giving expert advice on employment breach of contracts and defending complex discrimination, wrongful and unfair dismissal claims at an employment tribunal.

Often employees are unaware of their rights regarding their role. One has various rights in regards to their job, the environment they work with and how they are treated in the work place. If any of your rights are breached, A1 Solicitors will assist you in taking actions for contravention of UK employment laws.

Moreover, we are able to give advice on:

  • Redundancy claims
  • Discrimination and Disability
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Racial discrimination
  • Constructive dismissal
  • Unfair dismissal claims
  • Whistleblowing claims
  • Discrimination claims
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Settlement agreements and settlement negotiations

We are also able to take your case on conditional fee agreements, provided we feel it has strong merits and good grounds to succeed in the Employment Tribunal.


Our principal has an outstanding 11 years of expertise in the field of Immigration law. We accommodate to a spectrum of clients delivering legal consultation and representation in the Immigration Tribunal and Family courts – we aim to provide a high quality, beneficial service for your protection and rights.

We deal with the applications such:

  • Premium Service
  • Immigration judicial review
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain
  • 10 Years Settlement Applications
  • Human Rights Law
  • EEA- Residence Card Applications
  • Fiancé/ spouse visa Application
  • Parent Settlement Application
  • Tier 4 student visa Application
  • Asylum and Human Rights
  • British Citizenship
  • Immigration Bail Application
  • Family Visa Application- Appeal
  • Representation in Immigration Tribunal
  • Immigration Appeal
  • Administrative Review
  • Permanent Residency
  • Long Residence Application
  • Article 8 and Article 3 Human Rights Application
  • EEA- Extended Family Member Visa Applications
  • Domestic Violence Visa Application
  • Tourist Visit Visas
  • Naturalisation
  • Deportation and Removal
  • Immigration Advice on Complex Immigration Matters
  • Entry Clearance Applications from abroad

We provide professional UK immigration services to clients of all nationalities including of European, African and Asian backgrounds.

We also suit to our clients needs with reasonable fees and an adapting payment plan for all of our clients. A1 Solicitors does not charge the additional VAT fee and all clients are exempt from paying this fee. To suit our clients needs we are offering 15% off of the applications.


We offer consultation regarding immigration through the following:

  • Face to face
  • Over the phone
  • Skype

Consultation is £60 per hour.


We can also assist you in checking documents of your immigration case and thoroughly evaluate your case with honesty. We advise clients whom are submitting applications to the Home Office or filing a notice of appeal to the First Tier Tribunal to get it checked by an experienced, qualified immigration solicitor for a higher chance of success in your applications.


We provide same day service whereby we will accompany you to the Home Office now called Premium Service Centres and will assist you in submitting your application and obtaining the grant of visa on the same day.

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation: Debt recovery

A1 solicitors aims to assist our clients in recovering outstanding debts instantaneously and effectively. Clients may seek assistance for an unpaid debt in which we ensure client focused legal guidance and advice.We will ensure to provide a variety of resolutions to achieve the most appropriate result for our clients.

Civil Litigation: Landlord and Tenant Act

We provide legal advice in relation to the landlord and tenant disputes. A1 Solicitors aims to handle housing issues professionally and speedily with the appreciation of parties wanting to achieve quick and cost-efficient results.

Civil litigation: Flight delays

Clients may take action with A1 Solicitors regarding cancellation, delay and denial of flights. We can take action to help clients gain their rightful compensation.

Civil litigation: Small claims

A1 Solicitors may assist clients seeking to claim up to 10,000 (with the exclusion of personal injury). This would typically be referred to the County Court and is a quick effective route for a resolution.

Legal Contracts/ agreements

We also specialise in legal contracts. Whether there has been a breach or you are looking to discharge your contract- A1 solicitors will be here every step of the way and assist you.

Statutory Declarations

A1 Solicitors assist clients in their statutory declarations too by which we draft the declaration to accommodate your requirements. We offer advice on requirements for the process and aid you in the procedures thereafter.

Repossession Claims

We acknowledge that problems with repossession can be worrying and very difficult. We are here to provide expert advice in the most effective manner. Please do contact us.

Family Law


For the majority, family is a significant feature of one’s life. We acknowledge that disputes would inevitably succumb to challenging times therefore we are keen on providing confidential services for you in these difficult moments.

Our services provide security for those afflicted by issues such as domestic violence and we unequivocally treat the arrangement of your child’s custody with utmost importance at all costs. A1 Solicitors is keen on upholding a high standard in situations of sensitive matters with courtesy and utmost attention. Our services consider the value of family life and the lives of young people.

A1 Solicitors recognises that there is a wide range of prominent familial disputes sweeping through society, so for us it is vital that the advice you receive considers your situation comprehensively with long term solutions in place with regards to your future. Our objective is to deliver meticulous and effective advice as well as accomplish a safe, well environment for you and your family.

Our Focus

We aim to assist clients to recognise their rights, obligations and remedies they may receive under the law. A1 Solicitors is able to provide effective services under the following:

  • Divorce petition
  • Domestic violence application
  • Children cases – Child arrangement and Section 8 orders
  • Financial disputes /Ancillary relief proceedings
  • Representation – Immigration Tribunal and Family Courts
  • Cohabitation Law
  • Tolata Proceedings