Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation: Debt recovery

A1 solicitors aims to assist our clients in recovering outstanding debts instantaneously and effectively. Clients may seek assistance for an unpaid debt in which we ensure client focused legal guidance and advice.We will ensure to provide a variety of resolutions to achieve the most appropriate result for our clients.

Civil Litigation: Landlord and Tenant Act

We provide legal advice in relation to the landlord and tenant disputes. A1 Solicitors aims to handle housing issues professionally and speedily with the appreciation of parties wanting to achieve quick and cost-efficient results.

Civil litigation: Flight delays

Clients may take action with A1 Solicitors regarding cancellation, delay and denial of flights. We can take action to help clients gain their rightful compensation.

Civil litigation: Small claims

A1 Solicitors may assist clients seeking to claim up to 10,000 (with the exclusion of personal injury). This would typically be referred to the County Court and is a quick effective route for a resolution.

Legal Contracts/ agreements

We also specialise in legal contracts. Whether there has been a breach or you are looking to discharge your contract- A1 solicitors will be here every step of the way and assist you.

Statutory Declarations

A1 Solicitors assist clients in their statutory declarations too by which we draft the declaration to accommodate your requirements. We offer advice on requirements for the process and aid you in the procedures thereafter.

Repossession Claims

We acknowledge that problems with repossession can be worrying and very difficult. We are here to provide expert advice in the most effective manner. Please do contact us.