Family Law


For the majority, family is a significant feature of one’s life. We acknowledge that disputes would inevitably succumb to challenging times therefore we are keen on providing confidential services for you in these difficult moments.

Our services provide security for those afflicted by issues such as domestic violence and we unequivocally treat the arrangement of your child’s custody with utmost importance at all costs. A1 Solicitors is keen on upholding a high standard in situations of sensitive matters with courtesy and utmost attention. Our services consider the value of family life and the lives of young people.

A1 Solicitors recognises that there is a wide range of prominent familial disputes sweeping through society, so for us it is vital that the advice you receive considers your situation comprehensively with long term solutions in place with regards to your future. Our objective is to deliver meticulous and effective advice as well as accomplish a safe, well environment for you and your family.

Our Focus

We aim to assist clients to recognise their rights, obligations and remedies they may receive under the law. A1 Solicitors is able to provide effective services under the following:

  • Divorce petition
  • Domestic violence application
  • Children cases – Child arrangement and Section 8 orders
  • Financial disputes /Ancillary relief proceedings
  • Representation – Immigration Tribunal and Family Courts
  • Cohabitation Law
  • Tolata Proceedings