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Faizza Abla

Faizza Abla is the Principal and Head of the Firm. She is dually qualified combined with 17 years of experience gained throughout her professional career. She has worked in multiple legal environments and numerous credible law firms across the jurisdiction and in the country.

Faizza began practising as a Barrister in India for Human Rights in 2001 and has continued practising in the UK for 11 years since 2007. She has played an integral role in Human Rights Organisations which work closely with both woman who have faced domestic violence and children, providing them with legal support and representing them in Mumbai’s Magistrates Court, family Court and the High Court.

Faizza had advised clients in cases in relation to family, children, finance and crisis response. She continues to advise and represent those in the fields of family, civil and immigration.

She is happy to undertake cases from cross border overseas for her clients

Faizza also regularly keeps up to date with professional developments by attending seminars and receiving updates in-order to deliver the best services to her clients which have been described and praised to be accommodating to all clients by her effective personal approach and positive, professional attitude. She has a wealth of skills and expertise to suit anyone’s needs. As she is multilingual she is able to provide legal advice to clients in Urdu, Hindi and Gujarati.